"Hi from Dashan!"

Share good vibes with a personalized video message from Dashan to mark a special occasion

Personalized message from Dashan

Greetings - Individual

For birthdays, anniversaries, to mark a special occasion or just to let someone know "I'm thinking of you..." Let Dashan say it for you.

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Greetings - Group

For larger events, conferences, seminars, celebrations -- have Dashan make a few remarks or give a personalized greeting to start things off on a positive note.

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Thank you Dashan. Your wonderful and sincere video message was a perfect gift for my husband's birthday. He was speechless as he listened and watched. He said he felt like you knew him.


Just received the wonderful video from Dashan. Friendly, thoughtful, and eloquent as always! Also included was a beautiful recital of a lovely poem. Cannot wait to play this for my father at his 60th birthday!


The video came out better than I had imagined! Truly personal and personable. I'm sure my mother will love it. Thank you Dashan!